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the real life

Maybe it´s not so beautiful how I thought
it´s not as nice as it looks
know the way
that you must go
forward and alone
forever and take the chance
don´t look back
don´t be sad
don´t hear of others drivel
and go your way
follow the roads
that the life write down
be strong and free
go determined the way
look forward to the future
don´t let you down
don´t be afraid
say your opinion
and ask the question for the life
but don´t wait for the answer
cause look for the true
not be scared
be brave and see
that you are young and will be free
that you don´t do have be pretty and tall
to go your own way
that you have to chance
to be what you will be
it´s your time to take
the right way
and lose the old world
to choose what you like be
the way the way
what you will be
and you will see
you will be free

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