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unsere Umwelt

The gras is green
the forest is dark
the flowers have many coulers
and the nature is beautiful
look around you
and see
it gives nothing that is
so wonderful,
so wild and free.

Look at the other lands
the poor people
who there live
and than you think
that you have luck
too live in another world
but we must stay together
think together
like a one world
and we must help them
that they can say there opinion
that they happy to live
that they ready to fly with us
like a superteam
when we go together
down and up
but we not lose
the faith don´t forget
and we live together
in one boat
we sail of the sea
climb waves and full down
but not forget
we are one nation
one idea
and we have one aim
to be one world
to be on the same wavelength
to be a superteam

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